The Goya Museum - Hispanic Art Museum

From the Iberians to Picasso

The Goya Museum  is a Hispanic Art Museum,  unique in France, which displays works created in Spain from Antiquity to the 20th century.

It is located in an episcopal 17th century's palace designed by the famous J.H.Mansard, one of the Chateau de Versailles' architects. In 1894, Pierre Briguiboul, son of a painter and collector, gave 3 Goya paintings to the City of Castres, thus determining the Hispanic orientation of the museum. In 1949, prestigious pieces from the Musée du Louvre came to confirm this Spanish orientation. Since then, the museum's policy of acquisition has kept enriching this remarkable collection. The Joan Miro's  "Série Gaudi" bought by the museum confirms their wish to strengthen their 20th century collection.

The Goya Museum also has in its collections 4 Goya engravings, but these are not always on display  for conservation reasons.








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Musée Goya

Hôtel de ville
81000 Castres 
Tél. : 05 63 71 59 30
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